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October 19, 2012
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212 Dyne by FallenUnia 212 Dyne by FallenUnia
I switched colorscheme, so my GTK theme had to switch with me.

Basically, it's just a recolored version of my other theme 212Gaia. I stole the colors from Dyne. It's that simple :D

Installation instructions:

You can install themes for only one user, or for every user on your computer. The latter requires root permissions, so keep your password ready when doing this.

1. Extract the .zip file.
2. Move the contents of the .zip file either to $HOME/.themes (one user), or to /usr/share/themes/ (all users, requires root password)

Bugs and/or glitches?

Should you notice any (they are there!), please report them here or send me a note and if possible, supply a screenshot so I can see what's wrong. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
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Gram-plus Oct 28, 2013
Hi there!
I'm using this theme since a year ago or so, and wanted to thank you for the awesome work!

Besides that, I'm experiencing a visual glitch with GTK3 apps (I'm using Crunchbang 11, GTK 3.4.2). Here is a screenshot (Evince, I noticed the same bug with Gedit, File-roller and the Network Manager applet):…

Any idea about possible solutions?
Thank you!
FallenUnia Oct 28, 2013
I have no clue at the moment, but I can dive in the code and see if I can come up with something. There are two problems here:
1. I'm using a newer GTK version, so I can not test the theme myself.
2. I'm short on time until at least two weeks from now, so you will have to wait a couple of weeks before this might be resolved.

If you could be so kind to remind me again after said time, I will look into it :)
(You can also hit me up on the Crunchbang forums, if you're a member. My nick there is just Unia)

Cheers and thank you for the kind words!
Gram-plus Nov 15, 2013
As promised, here is the  reminder. If you're available, of course! ;)
Thank you.
FallenUnia Nov 15, 2013
Awesome! I have no time, but this time I'll write it down ;)
Gram-plus Nov 28, 2013
I'm back in the Crunchbang forums, with a new account. I've asked to lovely people there if someone can help solving the problem, let's see if we'll find a solution. ;)…
FallenUnia Nov 28, 2013
I have replied :D I hope someone is willing to help, otherwise I will take a quick look this weekend. I can't just keep pushing it ahead ;)
Gram-plus Dec 1, 2013
Just seen you've replied here too. Ok, thank you! ;)
Gram-plus Oct 28, 2013
Thank you for your kind answer; I can wait, of course! ;)

I used to be a (not very active) member of the Crunchbang forums, but now it seems I cannot remember nor recover my password. :P
So...I think I'll return here in two or three weeks, and help with the testing if it'll be necessary.

Have a nice evening, bye!
Looking nice! The GTK3 theme has an annoying visual glitch though, the selected item background color is not set, the previously used one is kept (see [link])
FallenUnia Oct 30, 2012
You mean when you change themes from another to 212 Dyne?

If so, that has nothing to do with my theme. It's GTK3's fault; you have to kill (all?) the running GTK3 applications when you've applied a new theme to see them. It can't switch themes on the fly (yet?), as GTK2 can.
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